COVID-19 July 2020

The UK government has lifted restrictions on live outdoor music performances!

Therefore, I am happy to accept bookings for outdoor gigs whilst maintaining strict protocols to ensure everybody’s health and well-being.

Safety and Peace of Mind
As a self-contained solo performer I present less of a risk (coronavirus-transmission wise) for your guests and audiences than a group, and I offer great value for money and entertainment value where a band may now be unappealing, or find it difficult to comply with social distancing and hygiene considerations. I have just purchased a brand new BOSE S1 PA  for my backings – very small yet packs a powerful punch in both quality and volume, and has an 11 hour battery life, and bluetooth (so no trailing cables) which again reduces risk and improves sound quality.

To reduce risk as much as possible, when performing, I request a designated (flat, dry and shaded) performance area marked out (with bunting/flags/tape) to exclude members of public, this also reduces the (small) trip hazard presented by my equipment.

I strictly follow all precautions to avoid contact and airbourne transmission, including wearing a mask at all times when 2 meter social distancing is not possible; regular, thorough handwashing; frequent use of hand sanitiser; strict social distancing during performance and when accessing the venue and setting up of equipment. I reserve the right wear a mask if I or the client deem it necessary. Please contact me for my full risk assessment document; as a member of the Musicians Union I am also covered by £10 000 000 public liability insurance.

Appearance fees should be made via bank transfer.

I have over 30 years experience of performing at events and am confident that with these adaptions in place I can present a great performance at your outdoor event. I look forward to working with you to provide a top-quality musical experience to cheer hearts and souls during these extraordinary times!